Flavors of the Day for Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 385 Flavors and counting...
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CapoYunk Scoop Shop
CapoYunk Scoop Shop
1625 East Passyunk Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19148
(215) 462-3790
HOURS: CLOSED FOR SEASON. See you in Spring!
Arancia con Cardamomo
Sweet oranges with spicy cardamom.
Chocolate and hazelnut gelato filled with carmelized hazelnuts that have been smashed to pieces. My favorite.
Cappuccino Stracciatella
Chai Tea with Milk and Honey
Black tea, coriander, clove, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, tellicherry peppercorns with sweet wild flower honey and milk.
Chocolate Sorbetto
Cioccolato Messicano
Mexican Chocolate. Sweet and Hot. Hints of bitter almond, ancho chili and chipotle powder. Hits you at the end.
Cioccolato Scuro
Rich, black and serious.
Fior Di Latte
Milk gelato. Milk from an Amish family's single herd of hormone free, grass fed in Lancaster County. Crazy good.
Lime with Cilantro
Tart limes with the interesting herb, cilantro. Our cilantro is from Landsdale, PA.
Roasted almonds, blended smooth.
Melone - Cantaloupe
(Lancaster County)
Sometimes Lancaster County, sometimes NJ Blueberries.
White Chocolate
Valhrona white chocolate.
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